créateurs de Clébard Concept

Foebus, a very demanding viszla 

Because Foebus destroyed all his beds, Daniele and Eric sought to create a different cushion.


After about twenty different cushions destroyed by Foebus, Daniele and Eric, the creators of Clébard-Concept, decided not to invest in yet another "traditional" cushion . They were tired of finding foam, polyfil or polystyrene balls all over the house. Tired, too, when Foebus did not destroy it immediately, to see the stunted effect of the cushion crushed by the weight of the dog, or to feel the bad smells that were only amplifying after washing, to name only some of the inconveniences that dog owners are familiar with.

liège et cèdre 

The idea of ​​a different and natural solution

The first prototypes

It was then that Daniele, a business lawyer who had nothing to do with the creation of cushions for dogs, decided to take out her sewing machine and make a cushion herself for Foebus. A cushion that Foebus would not want to destroy, which could not only withstand better in the long term, keep a beautiful appearance and spare the dog and the family of inconveniences (among which the smells!) Of the various bacteria and parasites ...

It was therefore necessary to understand why some dogs destroy their sleeping arrangements. Their research has highlighted the disruptive nature of all traditional filling solutions (foam, polyfil, polystyrene ...), generally derived from petroleum. The very fine smell of dogs does not always tolerate them very well. But the question remained to know what to put inside ... The creators have posed from the outset a constraint: the cushion should be as close to nature as possible. They imagined all kinds of natural filling solutions. The couple had also noticed the need for the dog to scratch and shape his bed, which these conventional solutions did not allow.

Cork and cedar, the ideal composition

It is cork that has finally met these requirements. But there is cork and cork ... varying according to the origins, the densities, the granulometries ... At this first stage, the granulometry and the density were not yet optimized and the cedar was absent from the composition, but Foebus did not destroy it. He already loved it.

Immediate success, not only with Foebus ...
It was during a weekend in Paris that the future of Clébard-concept was played out. During this weekend of 2014, it was necessary to entrust Foebus to a couple of friends also having a dog (Phipps, a beautiful Brittany spaniel) and the cushion then accompanied Foebus to make sure that it sleeps comfortably without encroaching on the cushion of his friend who received him. On the return trip, the friend who had kept Foebus wanted to know where Eric and Daniele had bought his cushion: - "He is fantastic! Phipps squatted the cushion of Foebus and did not leave the weekend, it never does that ... " The rest, you can imagine, was a snap: if Phipps liked the cushion as much as Foebus likes it, then other dogs could probably appreciate it too ...

An innovative, patented solution, to the delight of all dogs and masters and for the preservation of the planet!

Two years of research and development (scientific studies, behavior of dogs, behavior of materials ...), sourcing, in situ tests with dogs of different breeds to validate the concept and the subjects, then allowed to give life to the cushion as it exists today, with an officially patented solution since December 2017.