Our cushions are all designed to create outstanding ergonomics by allowing your dog to express his natural instinct and shape his bed as in nature. This ergonomic concept ensures unparalleled comfort, protecting the back and joints of your dog.

Warning: addictive cushion, your faithful companion may simply not be able to live without it. Sorry about that…



You have been dreaming of it, Clébard has done it. A purifying cushion that keeps out all pesky bugs (fleas, bacteria, fungi ...), in a completely natural way, without resorting to deceptive harmful chemicals. But we also thought about the nice master you are : the molecular structure of the Clébard cushion, composed of a fine-tuned combination of cork and cedar, neutralizes unpleasant odors, while respecting your dog’s sense of smell. For sure, you’ll be thanking us ...

Red cedar


Respect de l'environnement

Respect of the environment

We love Mother Nature and want to leave a beautiful planet to future generations. That’s why we do our best not only to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, but also to achieve a positive carbon balance.

Cork oak is an excellent carbon sink and we only use their bark. The heart of our cushions is decay-resistant and crushproof, designed to last. As for the outer cover, it should also be with you for a long time ... No more disposable cushions !

Facilité d'entretien

Easy maintenance

We imagine that your dog is perfect ... But if by accident, he happens to drool or come back muddy after a walk, you would no doubt appreciate it that his cushion is easy to clean. That’s why the cover of the Clébard cushions has a nanotechnological surface treatment that allows you to clean it with a simple damp cloth. And if this is not enough, the cover can be removed very easily for a machine wash that will restore its original freshness. And as many times as necessary.



Because we believe that a dog cushion can participate in the decoration of your home interior, we have made no compromises on aesthetics and every detail counts. Your Clébard cushion is not only a technological innovation, it is also a real piece of furniture... Anyway, that’s how it considers itself and it would be honored to be reserved a special place! Count on us to continue offering new variations of covers, always elegant, when the time comes to replace it.

The choice of comfort

LINEN - Ergonomically the sleekest


Ergonomically the sleekest

A very sober design combined with all the benefits of a Clébard cushion.

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SOFA - Ergonomically the most cozy


Ergonomically the most cozy

A very chic design that fits perfectly with your home interior.

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Velvet - Ergonomically the softest


Ergonomically the softest

A super soft touch and silky appearance that resists even the most arduous abrasion.

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Skin - l'ergonomie la plus robuste


Ergonomically the most robust

The skin touch of Skin will seduce your dog by its savage-like comfort.

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Smooth - ergonomically the most robust


Ergonomically the smoothest

Especially suitable for dogs with sensitive joints.

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Chain - the most resistant


Ergonomically the most resistant

Suitable for all demanding dogs.

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One form, 4 sizes :
Welcome to the Clébard family !

One form, 4 sizes: : Welcome to the Clébard family !

A revolutionary molecular structure for a well-being contributing to a better world