Patented dog cushion

the best cushion
for your dog

Anti-parasitic, anti-bacteria, and anti-flea, our cushions upholstered with cork and cedar are odor-resistant.

Designed and manufactured in France, they have been developed to preserve your dog's health.

Cork repels bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Cedar repels fleas and other parasites. The combination of cork and cedar has a sanitizing and hypoallergenic effect. The blend neutralizes odors by preventing the development of bacteria responsible for maturation within the core of the cushion.

patented solution

A unique and patented molecular structure composed of cork granules and red cedar beads. Unlike other cushions filled with foam or polyfill, Clébard-concept cushions are durable, environmentally friendly, and they never lose their plushness.


Unmatched comfort, the Clébard-concept cushion adapts to the dog's morphology. Its back and joints are protected. Your dog shapes its resting place as it would in nature.

Clébard takes care of the planet

From the selection of raw materials to the end of the product's life cycle, Clébard-Concept cushions are environmentally beneficial, in addition to contributing to the well-being of our dogs.

natural raw materials

Cork oak forests are among the most powerful carbon sinks in the world. The cork bark used for our cushions doesn't involve cutting down the tree; quite the opposite. The cedar used in our cushions comes from the offcuts of the wood industry

Made in France

Our cushions are entirely made in France. We value the unique craftsmanship of French sewing workshops that ensure exceptional quality for cushions that remain beautiful for a long time

Returning to nature at the end of life.

All materials used are selected to last a long time. A cushion that will accompany your dog throughout its long life. The natural materials composing the cushion can then return to nature


design dog beds
An eco-friendly and natural dog bedding.
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ergonomic comfort
Back and joint support


robust dog cushion
The most durable, for destructive dogs
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elegant dog cushion
A true furniture piece, chic and minimalist
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4 sizes of cushions

A pouf cushion that your dog can shape as desired

Find the perfect fit for your dog's morphology with our cushions available in various sizes. Available in S, M, L, and XL, Clébard-Concept cushions are suitable for small and large dogs alike. Provide your dog with customized comfort and transform their nap time into pure bliss

Awards received by Clébard

Finalist in the contest category "Innovative Products"

Voted Best Luxury Eco-Friendly Dog Cushion 2020

Best Innovative Product

What do our customers say?

Our customers' feedback is very important to us

No more allergies

My dog only has his Clébard-concept at home now: we have completely reduced his dust mite allergy. 
Aurore F. (80 - AILLY SUR SOMME)

Better than the bed

Our Sharpei, Olympe, immediately adopted her Clébard cushion. To our great satisfaction, she no longer gets into our bed at night. 
Marie Q. (44 - ORVEAULT)

My dog loves it

My dog appreciates it and rarely leaves it. Excellent bedding. 
Nicole S. (34 - MONTPELLIER)

We love your cushion

Cushion purchased for our Australian Shepherd puppy at Christmas. She adopted it right away and even prefers it to the couch ☺️. She has been using it for 3 months, scratching and biting it before lying down in it, and it hasn't moved. No tears. Our previous one lasted a week before she broke the zipper! I recommend this cushion 200%. Thank you so much for thinking of making a nice cushion for our living room that is also resistant and comfortable for our dog. 
 Emilie B.

So comfortable!

So comfortable, I no longer greet mom at the door. (Let's not make a big deal out of it, mom is getting really emotional.) @clebard_concept, what's with this magical fluffy cloud?! 
Cathy K. (New York)

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