An innovative composition


and household hygiene

Prevent the development of bacteria

The combination of moisture and warmth from our dogs' beds, shedding hair, skin flakes, and the oil from their fur is a perfect cocktail for the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and all sorts of parasites, such as fleas. Bad odors are just the noticeable consequence...


A revolution in dog bedding

The stuffing of our cushions is made of a blend of cork granules and cedar. This unique composition gives our cushions their sanitizing properties

Cork is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Cedar is a powerful insect repellent, particularly for fleas. Free from bacteria and parasites, the cushion does not retain odors

molecular structure of cork

bye bye allergies

For allergic dogs or dogs with skin conditions

The sensitive sense of smell of dogs

Our canine friends have a very sensitive sense of smell. It's important to avoid, as much as possible, assaulting their sense of smell. For this reason, chemical deodorizing solutions and artificial fragrances are generally not well tolerated by dogs, who may feel overwhelmed in an environment with strong chemical odors

Keep bacteria and parasites away

Synthetic fibers (polyfill, foam, polystyrene beads) trap bad odors and allow most bacteria and parasites to persist wash after wash. This explains why traditional cushions often retain bad odors despite repeated washing. The Clébard concept cushion is the solution for sensitive noses as it doesn't retain bad odors over time thanks to the neutralizing effect of cork. A Clébard-concept cushion always smells fresh

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