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a piece of furniture

Chic dog cushion.

Like a sofa for our four-legged friends

the concept

the best dog cushion ever designed

the 'pluses' of Clébard-concept

The unique composition of Clébard-concept cushions is patented. Its ergonomic and sanitizing qualities are recognized and protected against counterfeits


Cork oak forests are among the most powerful carbon sinks in the world. The cork bark used for our cushions does not involve cutting down the tree; quite the opposite. The cedar used in our cushions comes from the by-products of the timber industry

All materials used are selected to last a long time. A cushion that will accompany your dog throughout its long life. The natural materials composing the cushion can then return to nature

the structure of Clébard-concept dog cushions is soft and fluffy. The dog shapes its bedding by treading on the cushion to create mounds and hollows

cork is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic. Cedar repels fleas, dust mites, and other parasites. The innovative composition of Clébard-concept cushions neutralizes odors and preserves the health of our dogs

our cushions are entirely made in France. We value the unique expertise of French sewing workshops, which guarantee exceptional quality for cushions that remain beautiful for a long time

the inner cushion has infinite longevity. Simply replace the cover to give them a whole new freshness

our fabrics

All our fabrics are highly abrasion-resistant upholstery fabrics (Martindale test ≥ 20,000 rubs) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified

sofa collection

SOFA collection

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