replacement cover

replacement cover

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Spare covers for a forever fresh cushion

Clébard's awards

Finalist in the 'Innovative Products' category competition

Voted Best Luxurious Eco-Friendly Dog Cushion 2020

Winner of Best Innovative Product

The ergonomics of a cushion that can be molded to your liking

Like a wolf in the wild, your dog can shape his Clébard-concept cushion exactly as he wants, digging a nest and creating mounds. No need for borders, the Clébard concept cushion is a comfortable and fluffy pouf cushion

Chic comfort

The cushion takes on the soft shape that the dog gives it, but can also return to its neat square shape...

a designer cushion

A cushion that neutralizes odors

The filling of the Clébard-concept cushion made of cork and cedar is sanitizing. A cushion that doesn't need to be hidden

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