Orthopedic Dog Cushion - Smooth

Orthopedic Dog Cushion - Smooth

The SMOOTH Collection features an outer cover made of a high strength and stretchy upholstery fabric. Smooth is an ideal solution, with a particularly pleasant softness, for sensitive or older dogs.

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The Clébard cushion is an innovative solution that allows the dog to shape it as he would in his natural habitat.

The molecular structure of the cushion creates exceptional ergonomics that protects the dog’s back and joints, ensuring optimum comfort.

Smooth cushion, whose outer cover is particularly stretchy, is an ideal solution for sensitive dogs ... or older ones.

Due to its unique composition, the orthopedic cushion Smooth keeps away parasites, bacteria, mold as well as fleas. It also has the advantage of naturally neutralizing unpleasant odours in the core of the cushion, creating a healthy home atmosphere.

The Clébard cushion is designed to be cleaned easily, thanks to a nanotechnological treatment of the outer cover that allows you to remove most stains and dirt with a simple damp cloth. To preserve its freshness, the cover can be easily removed for a machine wash.

Of great durability, the Clébard cushion doesn’t lose its shape, even after long use. No more disposable cushions!

Not only is it non-polluting, but it also contributes to the eradication of greenhouse gases through the use of the bark of cork oak in its composition (over 90%). The forests of this species are indeed excellent carbon sinks and the use of the bark alone (without cutting the tree) contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity and the preservation of the forest ecosystem.

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Outer cover 
  • 88% polyester, 12% elastan
Inner cushion
  • a cover fabric that is 100% polyamide, certified Oeko-TexⓇ Standard 100 Class I and Class II
  • cork granules,
  • red cedar balls.


The cover can be gentle machine washed (30°C maximum). You don't need to boil the fabric since bacterias, funghi and moisture don't develop on the cushion. A gentle cycle wash will restore a pristine freshness to the cushion.  Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron. 

The inner cushion does not need to be washed since it does not absorb odors or moisture. If you still want to wash it, put the filled inner cushion tightly closed in the drum of a washing machine compatible with the cushion size, gentle cycle. Dry in open air, ideally under the sun.